Traditional Trade


We believe that the success of any brand depends on how well it is visible & available across the consumer path. At traditional trade (van sales operation), we cover large groceries, small groceries and convenience stores across the UAE. We are considered as one of the best van sales operation for our Wrigley portfolio, covering 9,500 plus touch point of sales. We have one of the largest Direct Sales Distribution (DSD) operations in the UAE with more than 60 cash vans which take our product to every corner of the UAE. We run dedicated vans for Food & Beverage, Wrigley and Non Food products, supported with separate sales supervisory staff. Our DSD vans use Hand Held Terminals (HHT) for stock management and sales service, thereby ensuring real time sales data. All the van sales routes are well defined & visit frequencies are monitored / managed by HHT. We provide adequate credit facilities to the groceries to enable our van sales team to ensure visibility & availability of our product range.



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